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I've been a designer, engineer, and product manager in one fashion or another for over 15 years.  This is a sampling of the projects I've worked on over the years.


Company: Kno is a digital education set of solutions that work across most device platforms and form-factors.

Solution: Several suites of products geared toward students (K-20), educators, institutions and publishers.

Timeline: Mar 2012 - Sep 2014


Kno is on a mission to “Change The Way Students Learn.” This innovative education and textbook platform available on five different clients (Android, iOS, Windows 7, Windows 8 and web). Kno’s catalog has over 200,000 books and is growing every day.

In 2013, Kno was acquired by Intel to join Intel’s Education business unit. There are numerous software and hardware solutions Intel has designed specifically for education, and Kno now bolsters these solutions with a platform independent solution stack for students, teachers, institutions and publishers.

My Responsibilities

I lead a team of UX designers and visual designers working closely with product managers, engineering teams, researchers, sales, marketers, and business developers. I’ve also been a product manager for several core components of the Kno clients. Ultimately, my team is responsible for defining and describing the end-to-end user experience and visual design of the entire set of Intel Education solutions.

UX Team Highlights

  • Grew the team from 2 to 7 members to support new and expanded solutions.
  • Redesigned the Kno client app on Android, Windows 7, iPad and web to create a more intuitive and native experience across all platforms. This substantially improved the information architecture, and improved consistency of core navigation and experiences.
  • Designed a collection of enterprise tools for schools and districts to manage book licenses. Districts can distribute bundles of book licenses to schools, and the schools can then distribute individual licenses to classes and students. Upon expiration the licenses return to the license pool to be distributed to the next class.
  • Researched and designed an analytics tool that helps teachers identify students likely to require direction and assistance more quickly. Using the calculated engagement score (K-score) our analytics can differentiate between A/B students and C students in as little as 3-weeks.
  • Developed a series of improved processes and tools to streamline collaboration with product managers and engineering throughout the development process.
  • Designed several next-generation solutions for sharing content, interacting with classes, and engaging students. Several of these concepts are in development now.

Commercial describing the Kno product

A short video showcasing the features of the Kno for Schools system. For more information regarding Kno, please see the following link: http://intel.ly/M5PFA1 For support issues related to Kno, please reach out to our support team here: http://www.kno.com/help/customerService


Intel has decided to shut down Kno along with nearly all of their education software.  This isn't terribly surprising given Intel's lack of concentrated strategy when dealing with vertical markets.  Especially given the lack of investment in the education division for the last couple years.  It's unfortunate, because Kno was on a path to solve many of the issues surrounding education enterprises.  However, I think a few of the ideas we produced will live on in other products, whether they're new startups, Google, Apple, or somebody else.  In the end, I just hope somebody manages to figure out how to crack the market.  Education will always be near and dear to many of us, myself included.