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Klingon Bird of Prey... Reboot?

A few years ago, I started working on a 1:350 scale AMT Klingon Bird of Prey.  It was coming along nicely... then it was damaged during a move.  I tried to recover, but frankly made matters worse.  Eventually I decided that specific model was a bit of a lost cause.  Unfortunately, it's no longer being made, so I can't just buy another one and replace the damaged components.  This unfortunate series of events combined with increased demand meant I had to put the model and effort to the side.  That was nearly three years ago.

Work is still quite demanding (and that isn't likely to change anytime soon), but I'm going to take another pass at this project.  The model was re-released for the 50th anniversary, so I can pick up another kit (or two to make sure I have a spare).  I initially started this model, because it's a comparable scale to the 1:350 Polar Lights 1701 and 1701 refit models.

I'm also considering a completely scratch build at 1:144 scale, which should allow for working wing baffles, much more detail, improved lighting, and possibly even working landing gear.  It'd have a 3ft wingspan when finished.  This is approximately studio scale from what I've gathered in prior research (at least one of the studio models was about that big).  I've never designed or scratch built anything remotely this complicated or large.  Obviously, this would be a much greater challenge than simply restarting the 1:350 scale AMT (even if I started completely over completely).  A scratch-built studio scale Klingon Bird of Prey could be awesome, and I've always been a fan of the bird of prey... just a question of time, resources, and dedication.

Regardless of the final decision, before I can start on either of these I need to build an assembly table, and organize the shop.  I have the lumber, so this is a relatively modest proposal.  It will still take a few weekends to complete, but at the end I should have a good workspace.  In parallel I'll resurrect my old research file, and rough out what a scratch build would look like.  Possibly build a quick and dirty version out of cardboard to get a feel for size.