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DeAgostini Millennium Falcon

Turns out I need more focus than I have available to really tackle the Klingon Bird of Prey... at least given my work schedule, kids, etc.  I'm still pursuing it on the side, but at a much slower pace than originally anticipated... hence the lack of anything posted for entirely too long.  So, I decided to go ahead and tackle the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon in the meantime.  I wouldn't call this an easy or quick undertaking, but frankly it's less time consuming than the KBoP for now.

I actually started this in December, but I wanted to get a feel for a reasonable cadence in progress before posting much.  At this point I'm maybe 10% through the model (which means ~2% when we get to the end and look back), and at least have an idea of how often I'll be able to post, and the quantity of things I can post at any given time.

The objective is to build something cool.  Basically useless except maybe bragging rights, but very cool nonetheless.  To that end, I will substantially modify several areas of the build with after-market pieces (Paragrafix and 3D printed), completely redesigned lighting based upon Arduino and most likely NeoPixels (I'll open source this work as I get to it), and a fair bit of scratch building.  I've collected lots of ideas from many excellent builds already, so plenty of additional complexity to keep me sharp.  That said, the limited schedule means this could frankly take 2+ years to complete, so don't expect updates too frequently.

I'm decomposing the work into four major areas.

  1. Interior sub-builds.  For example, the cockpit, hall, ramp, bay, gun turrets, mounting modifications, etc.
  2. Exterior sub-builds.  For example, the lower haul, upper haul, mandibles, landing gear, etc.
  3. Lighting sub-builds.  In addition to each of the interior sub-builds this includes landing lights, engines, etc.
  4. Display.  I plan to build a display based upon the landing pad at Cloud City.

To begin, I'm focussed on #1 and #2.  Specifically, I'm working on the cockpit, lower haul, landing gear, and ramp.  The cockpit and ramp are two of the more modified and complicated interior builds, while the landing gear offer an interestingly complex bit of scratch building to add the open landing gear doors.  I subscribe to the idea of tackling the most complicated bits first for lots of reasons.  I believe Google X has a similar philosophy, but it goes back much further to at least the Apollo program.  In any case, this puts things on a good footing (both literally and figuratively).